Life is but a blog...

Life is but a blog...


  So many times in life, we all need to get our thoughts out of our heads or they will drive us CRAZY. I've spent most of my life keeping my thoughts bottled up. Two reasons why, either I didn't want to bother anyone with them, or people weren't really interested. Social media has been a way for me to voice a lot of my thoughts, so in a way it has been a benefit to me since its beginning.

 Still, there are topics that are best left off of places like FB, IG, etc., whether it's because only select people should and/or should not know, maybe to avoid conflict, perhaps even stalkers, lol. So I have decided to try my hand at blogging. Lord knows, I have had some pretty good stories to tell over my lifetime and telling them this way doesn't allow people to cut me off, lol! So, if you find any topics interesting, I hope you enjoy. Your feedback is always welcome. My blogs will vary in topics, I'm sure, as my mind wanders nonstop. Some may be personal, feel free to skip those. Those will be the moments I may be having trouble dealing with the past and just need to vent.

Thank you and enjoy my ramblings :)

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