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Hello, I'm Kelly . First, let me say thank you for visiting my page. Now, for those of you who don't know me, let me share a little background about myself. I am 44 years young. I currently live in Lakeland, Florida. I moved here in November of 2018 from southern Ohio. I'll share how I got here and why in my first blog. That sounds like that may be a good way to get started.

I decided to give this blogging thing a try, since I have been told that I write pretty well (and there's no way in hell I have the patience or attention span to write a novel). Like I said on the home page, I have needed an outlet for sometime for my thoughts. It dawned on me a few days ago that blogging may be a good way to do that.

I am considering incorporating some artwork into my blogging as well to try and get my name out there and maybe sell some pieces. I don't know if they will be of quality to sell to most, as a lot of the time, I draw/ paint on a personal level that may not intrigue others. But, we'll see. Who knows what could happen.

So, I am going to wrap up this "about me" section so that I will have something to blog about later to get me started on my new little adventure.

Thanks for stopping by!

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